playworks Soft Skills Training. 

Serious Learning with a touch of Fun.

Looking for something beyond your Team Buildings?

Playworks also offers a series of On-site Training Programs designed to extend your teams’ development beyond its yearly Team Buildings.

Playworks’  Training Series:  Softer Skills for Stronger…  trains your team beyond the Basic Skills of their job and challenges participants to explore the vital Soft Skills essential to truly excelling at their position.   

Often overlooked in basic training programs, important Soft Skills end up being learned the hard way by employees, costing a company valuable time and money. 

The following are a list of training programs currently offered, which can be adjusted to fit a client's particular need.

Playworks Team Development Program

Soft Skills for Stronger Customer Service

Excellent for:  Customer Service Representatives, Post-sales


  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Dealing with the STRESS
  • Customer Emoji Mapping
  • The Extras:  How can you go Above & Beyond?

Soft Skills for a Stronger Sales Force

Excellent for:  Salespeople, Client-facing Employees


  • Establishing your Super Persona!
  • Image Management: Your Reputation precedes You
  • Information = GOLD, Value it.
  • Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness
  • Client Emoji Mapping
  • Going for the CLOSE!
  • Sales doesn’t Stop, even when you’ve Sold the Shop…

Soft Skills for Stronger Managers

Excellent for:  Junior, Mid-level Managers


  • What does Management mean to you?
  • Boss vs. Leader vs. Figurehead
  • Managing Expectations from Above and Below
  • The Better you Know your Competitors...
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Instilling Values and Ethics into your Team
  • Conflict Resolution   

Soft Skills for Higher Productivity

Excellent for: All Levels & Functions


  • Critical Thinking – What are you DOING?
  • Goal Setting – What are you DOING it for?
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Productivity Hacks: 7 things to Instantly do More
  • Adapting to Change, its Inevitable…

Soft Skills for a Stronger Company Culture

Excellent for: Junior, Mid-level, Executive Management, Owners


  • Taking Stock … your Current Culture
  • Cultural Comparisons – an in depth case study
  • Finding opportunity in Change
  • Leading by Example
  • Re-establishing your Company Culture
  • GAMIFYING your Team’s Goals