Playworks Team Building was founded in 2011 by Mr. Geoffrey Nuval to address the growing need for Team Building Facilitation in the Philippines.  Over the past decade,  the company has expanded to serve clients in Asia, North America, and Europe - with over 200 corporate client groups a year accessing both our face-to-face and virtual team building programs. See our client list here.

As the world’s leading provider of Corporate Team Fun, our vision is to facilitate organizations around the globe towards becoming more connected, happier, and engaged teams. 

For face-to-face (F2F) engagements, Playworks takes working teams out of their concrete walls and places them in a natural, serene setting where barriers are able to be broken down and new bonds are created. 

Due to COVID-19 and the pandemic, Playworks now provides team buildings with social distancing and health standards incorporated in our activities.  For teams that still cannot meet F2F, Playworks offers virtual team building alternatives that are just as fun and engaging as our F2F programs.

Our hope is that the learnings and experiences during our team building sessions are brought back to the office, recharging individuals and inspiring teams to reach their full potential!  

Playworks philosophy is to learn by experience.  This means our sessions are not just done with PowerPoint slides and long, dry lectures -- rather, we teach during the activities we have our clients do.  See our Methodology here.

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