Playworks' Virtual Team Building program addresses the needs of companies with a distributed workforce, no matter where in the world your teammates are located.

In the past years, teams have had to adjust through many different changes and new challenges brought about in this post COVID-19 world, including:

  • New Forms of Communication
  • Increased Self Management
  • Distributed Work Force
  • Re-organization of Groups
  • Physical & Emotional Distancing
  • Working From Home (WFH) Environment
  • Balancing Family & Work Requirements

These changes may be frustrating and the uncertainty may be stressful, but a synchronized, collaborative team with a positive mindset can not only weather through the storm, but thrive together.


Playworks activities take advantage of all types of online tools:  video conferencing software such as Zoom or MS Teams, collaboration applications such as Google Docs, as well as customized webpages our team has created.  Utilizing these tools, our experienced facilitators engage your entire team to participate, learn, and have fun throughout the session.  Some of our popular Virtual Team Building games & activities:

  • Mythical Creatures Quest (virtual race around the world)
  • ​Squad Game (our take on the popular Netflix series)
  • Where in the World is...  (online treasure hunt)
  • Digital 3 Monkeys (online escape room)
  • Kokedama Plant Ball Making (de-stress class)
  • Team Tik Tok
  • Scrabble Scramble 
  • Singing Bee 
  • Picture This!
  • Zoom Charades
  • Hyperlink
  • Find your Pack


Depending on your team's specific goals and time constraints, Playworks can design 2 to 4-hour Virtual Team Building sessions that use fun, engaging activities and post-activity processing to address your team's challenges.  Examples of specific objectives we've designed for our clients include:

  • Fostering a Positive, Growth Mindset Culture
  • Boosting Team Morale and Employee Engagement
  • Building Stronger Bonds within the Team
  • Strengthening Team Communication & Dynamics
  • Identifying Challenges in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Changing, Agile) World
  • Assessing Team Effectiveness and how individuals can address VUCA
  • Achieving a Balance of Accuracy, Quality, and Timeliness at Home
  • Developing an Organized Approach to Solving Challenges Remotely
  • Creating Action Plans that team members commit to
  • Determining, envisioning, and articulating an optimal New Normal for the team

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