All The World's a Stage: Playworks Acting Workshop for Business


Say It Like You Mean It
Game Objective: Enhance and practice of verbal and extraverbal communication

  • Challenges your team to exercise the most important communication instrument, their voice, as they are tasked to use different vocal intonations and inflections to convey meaning and emotions despite saying the same words.

Game Objective: Enhance and practice nonverbal communication.

  • Challenges your team to communicate using gestures and body language only, without the ability to use words. Messages to be communicated start out simple but become more and more complex.

Whose Line Is It?
Game Objective: Exercise quick thinking and adapting to situations

  • Teams act out their roles and interactions given a specific situation. However, changes are constantly introduced into the scenario so they will need to improvise as they go.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Game Objective: Collaborate on the next level through creativity

  • Challenges your team as they break out into roles to conceptualize, direct, act, edit, and create a movie short — at the end of the day, your team will have a movie that you can take back to the office!


Confidence Building and Understanding Roles 
Internalization, Respect Diversity
Improvisation, Excellence


This acting workshop is aimed at developing, highlighting and strengthening the following qualities:

  • Clear Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Confidence and Stage Presence
  • Situational Awareness and Quick Thinking
  • Creating and Internalizing Personas

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