Step1 Playworks conducts a client meeting at your offices to understand your current work environment and find out the needs and objectives for your team development.  

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Step2 Playworks designs and conducts an appropriate, fun, and creative team building program for your team.  Our programs aim to build a solid foundation while reviewing principles of teamwork.  

We suggest different surroundings from the usual office setting.

Step3 Playworks can help you evaluate and assign further training to particular functions of your team in our Soft Skills Training workshops - this can be done onsite. 

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Step4 Playworks can conduct targeted leadership sessions among key influencers and managers in the group.

Step5 As your team adapts to new challenges and changes organically, Steps 2-4 are repeated in different iterations.  As such we continue to ingrain new soft skills into your team until it becomes part of your culture.