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Give your Team a Boost with our Indoor Trainings & Team Buildings:

Are you looking for new ways to spice up your meetings and to better engage the participants in your group discussions? Are the tired old methods of brainstorming and consensus building not getting the results you need? Are you looking for a new way for teammates to express themselves as individuals and to collaborate in creating solutions and ideas? Playworks offers what you need using the LEGO® Serious Play® Method.

LEGO® Serious Play® is a methodology developed by the LEGO Group that leverages the use of LEGO bricks as tools in a creative process designed to unlock innovative thinking and new ways of communication among participants in order to achieve a shared outcome.

LEGO® Serious Play® is a facilitated technique where each participant builds a unique structure using LEGO bricks and then presents and talks about it to the rest of the group. The purpose of the building will vary depending on the specific objectives of the session or workshop but in effect, participants create a 3D representation of their thoughts. Duration 3 hours to Full Day

Ignite collaboration and knowledge in our Jeopardy Team-building Game! Teams strategize, solve challenges, and bond over exciting categories and questions. Unleash fun, competition, and teamwork for unforgettable experiences.

Harmonize your team with our Singing Bee Game Board! Challenge vocal prowess as teams compete in a musical showdown, recalling lyrics and hitting the right notes. Unleash laughter, camaraderie, and a tuneful spirit, making team dynamics resonate in a memorable and harmonious experience.

Fuel team spirit with our Family Feud! Teams compete head-to-head, brainstorming top survey answers and quick thinking. Strengthen bonds, encourage lively discussions, and create a fun-filled atmosphere that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Spin the wheel of camaraderie with our Wheel of Fortune! Teams solve puzzles, showcase wordplay skills, and embrace a whirlwind of fun and competition. Energize collaboration, ignite creativity and create a memorable bonding experience that leaves everyone feeling like a true winner.

Experience DISC Personality Assessment: 'Spirit Animals' and 'Anti-Animals.' Through a series of candid questions, discover your primary trait represented by a Spirit Animal—while also uncovering your least dominant trait, your Anti-Animal. Reflect on these insights and engage in team discussions to enhance understanding, communication, and teamwork. Embrace the diverse strengths each Animal brings, leveraging them to navigate challenges and foster a harmonious, productive team environment. Embark on this journey of self-discovery and collective growth, where Spirit Animals guide the way to stronger, more cohesive teams.


This half-day or full day acting workshop is aimed at developing, highlighting and strengthening the following qualities:
1. Clear Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
2. Confidence and Stage Presence
3. Situational Awareness and Quick Thinking
4. Creating and Internalising Personas


Say It Like You Mean It 
Game Objectives:
Enhance and practice of verbal and extraverbal communication.
Challenges your team to exercise the most important communication instrument, their voice, as they are tasked to use different vocal intonations and inflections to convey meaning and emotions despite saying the same words.

Game Objectives:
Enhance and practice nonverbal communication. 
Challenges your team to communicate using gestures and body language only, without the ability to use words. Messages to be communicated start out simple but become more and more complex.

Whose Line Is It 
Game Objectives:
Exercise quick thinking and adapting to situations.
Teams act out their roles and interactions given a specific situation. However, changes are constantly introduced into the scenario so they will need to improvise as they go.

Lights, Camera, Action! 
Game Objectives:
Collaborate on the next level through creativity
Challenges your team as they break out into roles to conceptualize, direct, act, edit, and create a movie short — at the end of the day, your team will have a movie that you can take back to the office!

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