Organizational Culture Challenges

January 24, 2016 By Playworks Team Building

Common organizational culture challenges in the Philippines that can be addressed by Team Building Each organization has its own unique culture, given its unique mix of people, structure, and business  practices. But there are some cultural characteristics that are common among many companies and a  number of these characteristics can cause challenges in the workplace and hinder the organization’s ability  to reach its full potential.  Here are some common organizational culture challenges in Philippine ...

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Setting goals for 2016 the SMART way

January 3, 2016 By Playworks Team Building

The start of a new year is typically the time when people list their resolutions for the year. But rather than creating a list of resolutions, which you may end up not fulfilling as many people do year in and year out, we think it would be much more productive to set goals instead. And one of the best tools for setting goals is the SMART method. This is by no means a new concept ...

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